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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a street sweeper is distracted for a second. >> he looks the other way and, bam! >> why you can't keep down one tough broad with a broom. taking care of a legal lady. >> that is a bald eagle. >> delicate surgery to get her back to the wild. off the bridge and figured out a pretty cool fun way. plus one stupid idea leads to one sore tailbone. >> oh! guy's elaborate
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promposal for his girlfriend backfires. [ bleep ] >> watch. it gets worse. >> the twist that finally had her in tears. >> oh, no! whether you're in the car, bike or a pedestrian if you're in the roadway you need to be aware of your surroundings because sometimes things can happen. let's start in china. what we have right here is a woman who is a janitorial worker. she walks into the street looks the other way and bam. >> holy moly that impact was so strong it overturned the truck. >> it wasn't the impact that overturned the truck. the truck was out of control. it slides to a stop. the driver climbs out of the cab. he eventually makes his way over to the woman. >> she got up? >> he helped her on her feet. she was taken to a local hospital but said she suffered no serious injury. >> that's bad luck but really lucky. this is in russia. in russia they seem to have a lot of uncontrolled pedestrian walkways where people can cross
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the road but there's nothing marked on the road to indicate that it's a walkway. there is a sign. the person in the car right in front of us doesn't seem to notice that. watch what happens. tries to pass another car. >> ouch! >> did you see what happened? three people in the roadway. the car in front swerved but so did one of the pedestrians. the pedestrian got scared of the passing vehicle and jumped in front of the other car that was going to miss it. and that car hit that person anyway. but, believe it or not this guy was fine. now right here we have a disaster waiting to happen. you can see there are two people who have been on a motor bike. that motor bike has fallen next to train tracks and the guardrail has come down. they saw the train, the person ran away with somebody still struggling. >> oh, lucky. >> but according to one of the posts on facebook that person escaped with minor injuries to the feet.
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some incredible people helping a regal bird. this video coming from tacoma washington. a doctor is about to operate on this regal bird. that is a bald eagle. she was injured. listen to this. she was struck by a semi truck and caught in that side view mirror. has a fractured wing. awesome people from for heaven's sake rescue brought the bird into the veterinarian center emergency center getting this eagle prepped for surgery. dr. stephanie lister-gray is performing this incredibly delicate surgery. the left wing is fractured. you can see it there. she's attaching an acrylic frame to the bone in the bird's wing. she's using these tiny little iron pins. the doctor says she has to be incredibly precise because birds
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heal really quickly and she wants to make sure that this wing heals properly so that it doesn't affect the bird's ability to fly. they do believe they'll be able to remove the pin in about three weeks and they do hope they'll be able to rerelease this eeg nool the wild. if they for some reason can't, for heaven's sake will keep the eagle and use it to educate people about the sbofl our country. >> either way it sounds like she's going to be just fine. we're riding on the helmet cam of a scooter rider in germany. insanely viral for the reason that will quickly become clear. he is most certainly evading police. police are in pursuit. there's also another motor bike cop that will turn up. turn the wheel! ooh. >> he's on a scooter? >> he is teeny, tiny little scooter and he's still going. >> just give up. you're not going to get very
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far. >> there's a reason the video has gone viral. >> no! tell me he does -- no. he got away? he got away? >> he actually loses the police. i don't think the police will have much trouble finding him, because he does this. >> oh, my goodness. are you going to tell me that this scooter guy scooted away from the cops and then posted his own video? >> yes. it would appear so. >> what a dummy. police aren't going to have trouble tracking him. a, they're going to see his face and, b he uploaded it so he's ease toy track. a cyclist. look on her back zbla child? an infant? >> the this is causing controversy, anybody with half a brain realizes she has her helmet on but what if she crashes? >> right! she's putting this child in danger. >> south australian police are reiterating, if you are riding a bike the law is that everyone has to be wearing a helmet and
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any small child needs to be on a child-specific cart a bike seat. while this person may not have been meaning anything, it's just ignorant. base jumping keeps getting cooler and cooler and more beautiful, like in this video in france. these guys are about to base jump a very famous bridge in france. this swedish team of base jumpers came to this bridge. they figured out a pretty cool, fun way to jump this bridge. one jumper piggybacks on another and they slide right out the side. >> that's kind of fun. >> yeah. >> kind of like a roller coaster wingsuit thing going on. >> that is pretty cool. >> we get several angles. the angle from the rider above and then the angle from the jumper below. there are two crews that jump off this bridge. they pull their chute immediately and basically coast down to the beautiful valley
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below. >> this is like the ultimate going down the slide in a train that you used to do. but at the end of the slide is a doozy. he's heading out to find out will people date people just on their picture? they don't even get to see his face. >> see why that's not the only twist in this social experiment. >> oh! >> wow! and when rockin' out falls flat. amamerericicanans.s. 8383% % trtry... to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall s short in getting... key nutrients from fofoodod a alolonene. . lelet't's s do more. add ony cocompmpleletete w witith h kekey y nutrients we may need. plplusus b bonone e hehealalthth s supuppoport wiwithth c calalciciumum a andnd v vitamin d. onone e a a daday y wowomemen'n'ss yoyou'u'rere w welelcocomeme..'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get ththisis c carar b bacack k inin the
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you guys are going to be broken hearted by the level of ignorance for one woman in this video but you're going to cheer for the courage displayed by another. another. >> she wear it is for herself,
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okay? she wants to be modest for her body. >> this is at a train. the woman wearing the red pants, reportedly a middle-aged woman starts saying horribly racist things to this woman who is muslim and she's wearing a head scarf. but the woman who record this had video, her name is stacey eden clark. she stepped in to defend this muslim woman. >> have some respect. have some respect. it doesn't matter. what's that got to do with her? >> nothing. >> exactly. no. you can't go around saying -- shut your mouth. >> you shut your mouth. >> you shut your mouth. >> 7 news in australia spoke to the woman who came in to defend this family. >> i was angered for them. >> the family actually reached out to her to thank her for stepping in and for making them not as fearful. >> he said his wife was intimidated and too scared to be here. i said please don't be.
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australia is not that kind of place. >> it's obvious they were peaceful people and it's a good thing they didn't say back to her something like how ugly her pants were. no complaints were filed as a result of what happened on this train but police are asking them to help them identify the woman in the red pants. >> you shut your mouth. >> you shut your mouth. >> you shut your mouth. >> they're all a bit soulless swiping left and right, judging everyone purely on how they look. from singapore, decided to go out and do a bit of a social experiment. >> swiping left or right, deciding if someone is attractive or not. >> what people in singapore think about this trend but he put a twist in it. singapore's famous youtubers but he's taking the head off just to see what people would react like. >> guys and girls post a picture. >> this guy.
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will you date him just on a picture like that? >> no. >> they don't even get to see his face. >> it's ministry of funny. he's setting something up. >> with the guys he wanted to have some fun. >> first three choices, i use picture frts lovely female youtuber. skinny jeans and took pictures of myself. >> oh! >> wow! >> i know. he's working it. >> as you can imagine, guys a little bit more shallow than the women. even without seeing the face -- >> how dare you throw us all under the bus. >> would you be open to find out about her? >> yeah why not? >> however, when it came to -- they were very interested. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> starts getting some hits. then they start describing
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why. [ bleep ] >> i want to see their reactions once they realize it's actually him. >> eventually he does drop that one. >> that's you? >> all right. we got a date. >> no. >> he backed that thing all the way up like to another block. >> it's just a bunch of mouth-breathing tongue waggers. the whole thing head on over to or use our mobile app to see the whole thing. the first one you'll chuckle at. it can happen to anybody, especially if you're a drummer in this band. he's really into this set. >> did he fall off the snanlg. >> yeah. >> big finish. he was going to go for the double slam on the cymbals but, no he just double slammed himself. >> yeah, i'm like a magician
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jumping in my secret door. like play the drums. >> rock star right? >> these guys can't really play this off even though they did mean to do this. ukrainian dare devil decided to slide on this glass ceiling of a mall in kiev. >> oh! >> oh, yeah. that is the sound of a broken tailbone. but watch the second guy hits his head especially hard and he doesn't get back up. you see two people rushing over to where he is at -- >> he's out cold. >> probably going to have some very serious lasting injuries. >> such a stupid stunt. it's so not worth it. >> hopefully, they will both make a full recovery. >> he's planning a home coming. that's the welcoming you expect right? >> see why the screaming, next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> you're a car fan, this is
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what you want to watch on velocity. >> sneak peek into the barrett-jackson auto auction and the rides are awesome. meet the host who tells us all about one of the stars of the showroom. >> it's not the most practical vehicle we go into trader joe ways. plus what happens when a monkey claim this is set of wheels? >> it's standing up like you want some more you? want some more?
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the barrett-jackson auto auction, a huge con glomeration has everything from the classic cars vintage cars to resto mods to the super cars. one of my favorite kind of cars every time they have one of the barrett-jackson auto auctions they raise millions of dollars for charity. car collector hobby is huge. guys out there spending tons of money, bringing these beautiful cars back to their own personal garages. one of the coolest things to hit the auction block is this. it's called the gm future liner. the thing is 33-feet long 11-feet tall. like i said built by gm for their grade of progress back in the '40s and '50s.
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it sold this january for $4.4 million. all of that money going to the armed forces foundation. joining us right this minute to talk a little bit more about the auction is the host of barrett-jackson on velocity chris jacobs. tell me a little bit more about this future liner and why it keeps changing hands and it keeps getting more and more valuable. >> little bit of history of the future liner. there's only five that remain out of the original 12. and this one that sold was owned by ron pratt. and craig jackson, such an amazing job with organizing the auction and, of course the charity with the pratt collection. i'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store in west palm beach. >> tell me what it looks like inside. >> future liner potentially rolling showrooms. the side opened up. the top kind of popped up. it was very futuristic. >> people using these to drive or are they basically like art investments? >> absolutely an artistic investment.
9:21 am
not the most practical vehicle you go into trader joe's with. >> i'm going to be joining you out at west palm beach forat can i expect to see while i'm out there? >> just the span of variety that you're going to get. you're going to get cars from eight decades from the '20s all the way up. saturday and sunday 19 hours of coverage on both velocity and discovery. i couldn't be more privileged to be serving as the ring leader with a great team of broadcasters. it's going to be a really fun one down in west palm beach. >> i've got a couple of videos from cougar national park. i just have to say they're both kind of fails. from lookout point, what you see right there, a bunch of monkeys that people went to the lookout, rolled down the windows and said i know these monkeys are going to have a great time. i know i'm going to get good video. at this point they tell you
9:22 am
don't open your window. >> especially not around monkeys. that he love to grab shiny stuff, your phone, your wallet, zblfrg no, no, monkeys. >> here is where it fails. it's supposed to be this fun little thing. watch what this one monkey does to this woman. >> yeah, you started it. >> he comes at her and does it more than one time. she could have been scarred and scratch friday this. after after she get this is thing off the car it's standing up on the post like you want some more? you want some more? i'm mystified these lions are at the top of the food chain. that is a zebra right there. notice right here what's nearby. [ bleep ] >> oh, my gosh! >> lions give a chase to the zebra. as you see, they missed out. >> what's happening right there, that zebra interrupted their nap. lions, man, during the day, they're just hanging around doing nothing. they're like i'll get you later. >> that zebra, i swear, changed
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might make you scoot back to the shore. >> fish from the shore that day. daniel is picking up his
9:26 am
girlfriend alex. a big trend online especially this time of year the promposal. the latest video. the latest promposal. he starts pointing at something on the road what's that sign say? she starts reading them out loud. [ bleep ] >> she just insulted his attempt at the promposal. >> see his face? >> you see his expression change quickly. then the next word is marry. >> marry? >> lol. jk. >> she's so confused. >> then here comes the real message. >> go to prom. [ bleep ] >> oh, no! >> that's when you just deny it was you. i just saw that and thought it was interesting. >> that wasn't me.
9:27 am
>> all the trouble to make the signs. his creative way to do this. >> i'll go to prom with him. >> what? was that you? >> yes. >> daniel. >> poster with a whole nice sweetetter on no. but watch! >> i forgive her, because she apologized. she didn't realize. >> she cries for the next like full minute of the video. >> oh, poor girl. >> they turned off the camera because she starts to apologize profusely. then a little later. >> turned off the video. i'm sorry. i don't want the video of her balling her eyes out. >> we're going, obviously. >> yeah she said yes. >> she said yes. >> and then she shows the beautiful little note.
9:28 am
>> that's really cute though. >> i love these two. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
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call 911! >> call 911. >> drivers try to stop a
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beatdown in the street in a video that's quickly going viral. outrageous scene after a minor accident. >> hey back the [ bleep ]! hey, hey, it happens! you are looking at the case of duck-mestic violence. >> a fight between a duck a goose and a drake. >> weirdest video i've ever seen. what happens when a hero with a billy


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